Reaching Higher Records presents Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr's first single “The Rap Race" from their upcoming EP "The Experiment" due early Summer. Moving in a progressive direction, the song enlists producer Dreaux 228 to create a dramatic and fast paced musical backdrop. 

DJ 2Shoesz interviews Harn SOLO on Old Westbury Web Radio (OWWR) at SUNY College in New York.

Topics range from Harn SOLO’s hit single “Louis Armstrong” recorded in New Orleans. To his travels in Europe where he filmed “Catch Me If You Can” at famous London location Trafalgar Square.

New music by Harn Solo to be featured on upcoming REUPSpot.com project.

REUP Spot is celebrating their fifth anniversary as a hip-hop media source by releasing a collective mixtape on July, 4th 2014. Featured artists will include Harn SOLO, Ty Farris, Hollywood FLOSS, NatStar and more.

Harn SOLO performing the song “The Business” at Color Line Media in Phoenix, Arizona. Video directed by Scott Harney.

Harn Solo stops by Color Line Media in Phoenix, Arizona to record his #16Bars for the new REUPSpot.com mixtape.

Harn SOLO performing the song “Jesus Piece”. The @ScottHarnPhoto directed film is the latest single from Harn SOLO’s album “Perfect Picture”.

"Jesus Piece" shots taken by @ScottHarnPhoto in Arizona. Stay tuned for the video production coming soon.

Listen to audio - soundcloud.com/reachinghigherpr/jesus-piece

Filmed & Edited by Scott Harney - Youtube.com/FocusCinemaTV

Reaching Higher PR interviews Truth Universal at Inner Recess studio in New Orleans where he recorded latest album, “Invent The Future”. 

Fellow hip-hop artist Harn SOLO discusses the Golden Era music selected for the project, including top notch production from Khrysis, P.U.D.G.E., Kev Brown and more. 

Truth Universal describes his approach on maintaining a balance between style and substance, as much of his music revolves around educating the younger hip-hop community with classic beats. 



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New Orleans artists Ya Boy Hardheaded and Harn SOLO present their new single, “Never Done Before”. The motivational anthem is scored entirely with live instrumentation by Pro Prospek and features the soulful vocals of alternative jazz singer SuZé

Additional saxophone harmonies are provided by Cameron Johnson from New Orleans’ own Stooges Brass Band. Fans of the music can look forward to Ya Boy Hardheaded’s new EP “East Bank Champ” coming soon.

Via Reaching Higher PR

Thanx to national publication Music Connection Magazine for publishing Harn SOLO’s debut review with a national media source. There will be 75,000 copies of the issue distributed across the country to label execs, managers, agents, publicists, producers, artists and musicians!

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